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A combination of Metabolic Conditioning (cardio), Weightlifting and Gymnastics. CrossFit classes make up the bulk of our program. If your goal is to build, strength, lose body fat and get crazy fit in the process then get started by clicking your experience level below


Accelerate lifting

Olympic Weightlifting forms a large part of our program but for those who want extra coaching and a class dedicated to improving the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch this class is for you. 




Gymnastics also forms a large part of our CrossFit program but for those who want extra coaching we have a class dedicated to improving not only the fundamentals but also the advanced skills needed to become a gymnastics master




Strongman training shows up in our CrossFit program but if you want an extra hit then Strongman Sundays are for you! Every Sunday we flip tyres, carry sandbags and as many other odd objects as we can in order to convert the strength we build with a barbell to objects which may appear in our day to day lives like children, groceries and moving house. 




If you want to build the best Aerobic base possible then our Endurance class is for you. Utilising basic movements to keep the skill level down but the breathing rate high this class will build your engine like no other.